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Here I am on my new blog. The old one, Tweekers’s Blog was in french and I shall still update  it from time to time. Last night, as I couln’t get to sleep, I told myself “That’s it, I’m fed up with the French blogosphere, I have to start a new blog in English”.Don’t get me wrong, there are some great French guys, but quite frankly, I feel that they lack the Hacker culture I want to be a part of. A lot of French blogs talk about Free Software, which is great, but the underlying message is that they try to defend themselves from a great evil power (proprietary software). I don’t have this feeling. I already have my (software) freedom and no one is going to take it away from me. My only goal is to build awesome Open Source software, that’s the only way to make people use them.

Yes, this is all about the Open Source VS Free Software debate. Free Software advocates tend to say that Open Source guys only care about the technology and not about the ethics. That’s not true, I care about the ethics and I’m aware of them. But to bring Free Software to the people they have to be quite darn good or else nobody would want them. There is only a tiny minority of non-technical people willing to use shitty Free Software instead of good proprietary ones just for freedom’s sake. All the rest, they don’t give a rat’s ass about the ability to hack the source code, they just want something that works.

We, as the hacker community, must bring excellent software to the people or else they won’t give a shit and they’ll go buy an iPhone because it’s a nifty piece of technology that justs works.

This blog doesn’t target an imaginary reader that would be totally new to Open Source. This blog is meant to be read by hackers, by geeks, by people who actually use their freedom to study and modify the source code of the software they use. I will post some Python code here. You’d better be prepared to read it. This is not for people who say “Open Source is great, everybody can modify the software, well not me but someone else with the skills can”. You don’t have to be a guru to read this blog, but at least you must have the will to understand things. Understanding how things work is part of the hacker culture and Open Source is our language. I’m sick and tired to have the feeling that everyone around me can’t answer my questions on hacking. I clearly had the wrong audience. I’m finished being at the top of the newbies, now I want to be at the bottom, I want everyone around me to be better than me or at least my equal.

We want to learn, we want to hack and we want to make the best software there is on earth.

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  1. Rorto says:

    Pourquoi ?
    L’ancien blog était pas bien ? Tu n’aimes vraiment plus écrire français ?
    Il reste des gens bien. (Avec des petits yeux fatigués qui ctrl+ pour ne pas trop saigner.)

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