Extra folder icons for Humanity Theme

The new deep orange folder icons for Lucid Lynx kick ass. All the default icons in the home directory have nice emblems representing, well not really emblems because emblems have a special meaning in nautilus but you get the point. However, some folders lack a special icon and that makes me a sad sad panda. The Ubuntu One folder is just a regular folder icon and I happen to have a ~/bin folder for my own scripts ans a ~/Devel folder because I’m a coder ;)

Now these folders too will get some love, it was very easy to create new icons with inkscape.

Extra folder icons

If you can grab the svgs here : humanity-folders-extra.tar.gz

UPDATE: I removed the bin folder icon which was already in the official theme, added icons for Games and Books. I also made alternative icons for UbuntuOne, the original orange on orange one isn’t that great.



  1. lippol94 says:

    I’m not able to get the file. It says:
    You don’t have permissions to access file: filename

    What can I do??

  2. david says:

    The download link is dead.

  3. [...] DownloadGrab the .tar file @ strycore.com/2010/04/extra-folder-icons-for-humanity-theme [...]

  4. Marc says:

    Thankyou. The cloud is much better than a green tick. But I’ve moved it because it was in the wrong place: all the other icons have the ‘emblem’ in front of the folder, rather than on top of it, like this: http://img.obfuscatepenguin.net/ubuntu/icons/

  5. david says:

    Thanks man

  6. passivekid says:

    It would be a good idea to release the emblems so they can be just added to the folder. :)

  7. [...] gusto mucho el paquete de iconos extra para el tema Humanity que vi en The Hacking Capybara, asi que me decidi a crear un icono propio que echaba “en falta”, os lo dejo tambien [...]

  8. Stein Erik Berget says:

    Thank you for creating nice icons! Thank you again!

  9. Koffeehaus says:

    Hey, I love the ubuntuonefolder3 man, just what I needed. Except I use elementary OS. Do you have the svg of the Ubuntu badge only, so I can stick it onto blue elementary folder?

  10. You can get the badge by opening the icon with the orange folder in inkscape, clicking on the folder and pressing delete. I don’t actually remember where I got this badge in the first place but I’m pretty sure it was part of the stock icons available in /usr/share/icons ;)

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